Kodak Prinergy Workshop


Kodak InSite: With InSite Prepress Portal, uploads are streamlined and efficient, reviews and approvals are easy to manage in a single system that minimizes error and miscommunication, removes unexpected costs and delivers a best-in-class customer experience.

Key InSite Benefits:
Authorized customers create Jobs and upload files 
- New Jobfile is automatically created in Prinergy Workflow 
- PRINERGY Preflight+ identifies errors at job submission 
- Annotating and Collaboration is Organized and easily communicated via Smart Review. 
- File Approval, Rejection and corrected files upload 
- Login-based access (personal user name and password, access to your specific account). 
- Hi-Res or Low-Res Proof download 
- Real time logging of all actions
- Pages Review and approval in Smart Review with HTML5 - A Simplified, Enhanced Visual and Intuitive User Interface 

– Optional e-mail notifications 
- SSH-secured 
- Multiple browser support