Nature-Environment and Sustainability

Our nature is the greatest gift given to us. Nature is an indispensable source of necessity for humans and living things. For a clean world, we should plant more trees, we should not pollute our water resources, we should not throw our waste into the environment and we should not pollute the air. Let's protect nature for a healthier environment, a cleaner and more beautiful world.

In addition, with "ZERO WASTE", wasting should be prevented and resources should be used more efficiently. In case of waste, the source should be collected, separated and recycled.

We must use our world's resources more efficiently to build a sustainable future. We must maintain a sustainable natural environment balance with the use of raw materials that are beneficial to nature and suitable for recycling.

With the awareness of all these responsibilities, Levent Ofset has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® with the FSC® certificate.

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