Quality – Fonts – Texts


•    The ideal resolution of the file should be 300 – 350 dpi. The images with lower resolutions may appear low quality when printed.
•    Texts, tables and lines should be prepared in black color.
•    Recommended resolution for bitmap images is 600 – 1200 dpi.
•    The file should be in CMYK color mode for printing.If there is an extra colour, Pantone No must be indicated. 
•    All black texts and barcodes should be prepared in one color and not in CMYK.
•    All the fonts used in the layout should be embedded to pdf file.

•    All trim and bleed line marks must be indicated on each pdf page.
•    Pages must have 5 mm bleeds. For Hardcovers, the bleed should be 18 mm.
•    Trim line size must be the same with the size of the finished product.
•    Page numbers, texts etc. shouldn’t be closer than 5 mm  to the trim line.
•    Trim lines should be the same size for all pages. If there is a difference between the trim lines on the pages, the Sales Manager should be informed in advance.

Colors :
•    The documents for digital printing must only have CMYK colours.
•    The colourof the paper has an effect on the colors. Especially in yellowy papers.
•    All contents should be converted to CMYK, grayscale color modes, pantone or HKS colors. Color modes like Multi Channel,  LAB and RGB are not appropriate for offset printing.