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We are one of the strongest printing companies in Europe with our 25 units 70x100 offset printing presses. In printing process; high-quality papers, inks and offset plates are used.Printing is conducted in 4 CMYK colours, additional colours and varnish are possible according to order specifications.


The basic concept of printing is print quality and color values.Levent Ofset's indispensable Color Management Systems are the most accurate printing of the printing quality and color values on the paper, which are the basis for customer document.

In this sense, the primary point is the calibration of all electronic measuring instruments and displays used.The calibrations must be done in certain periods so that the measurements are reliable and accurate. Afterwards, ICC profiles are created according to the paper and printing machines and the measurements of the color values in printing with the Specra Photometer are made at certain intervals so the colors are printed at the same value in the whole printing.

Levent Ofset implements Color Management Systems completely and prioritizes quality in printing according to FOGRA and ISO standards.